• Brand: Velomist
  • Model: Point-of-Entry
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It is becoming a common sight to see Malaysian homes install point-of-entry filtration for their homes. Aged pipes that are still being used to supply our precious water supply, carries with it rust and particles. A point-at-entry filter can help reduce these turbidity but are all the systems available in the market place the same? We do not think so. That is why, we at Water Filtration Associates have designed a point-of-entry filtration system that will guarantee you peace of mind through reliability, quality and efficiency.

Large Filtering Area … Small Pore Size.

The ability of a filter to take sediment out of water is more a physical removal function than one of chemical adsorption. This physical filtration depends primarily upon two important factors: the size of the pore which the water must pass, and the total amount of filtering area available.

Pore size is important because it determines the size of the impurities that will be physically prevented from passing through the filter. When the impurities are passing through the filtering media it is hydraulically deposited on the filter, forming a filter cake with a fine surface. The pore size of this cake is so small that the Velo-Mist Pleated Filter System removes impurities as tiny as 10 micron. This small pore size is necessary to produce crystal clear water and to remove all visible particles.

A large surface area is essential when a filter’s pore size is small. Only a large surface area can provide an adequate rate of flow and acceptable filtration capacity. The droplets of water flowing throug h the small pores in the Velo-Mist Pleated Filter System have a mist-like quality, allowing an extremely low velocity through each pore. This, combined with the large filter area designed into each Velo-Mist Pleated Filter System, produces excellent dirt removal capacity. It would be safe to say that Velo-Mist Pleated Filter System will remove most particles from Municipal water supply to a 10 micron at 90% efficiency.

A point-of-entry filtration system from WFA is built to last and provide filtered water for your entire home. Th is mean s bathing, cooking and washing in cleaner, crystal-clear water. It also lengthen the life-span of appliances such as water heaters, washing machine and even pressure pumps. That’s extra savings above cleaner and brighter laundry, and less staining of sanitary wares. It’s unique design also means low maintenance. The quick change, pleated filter is made of a space-age material that is easily washable, that does not require time-consuming and water-wasting, back-washing. No hassle, no fuss!

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Unit Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
Inlet/Outlet Connections: 3/4″
Max. Operating Pressure: 125 psi
Max. Operating Temperature: 300(
Flow Rate: Up to 20000 liters/hour {MAX)
Overall Height: 39″
Bottom Diameter: 7-112″
Housing Diameter: 7-1/2″
Bottom to Inlet/Outlet: 3-1/2″
V-Clamp Diameter: 8-1/2″