HydraSmart Series Carbon Filter

  • Fully automated smart control system accurately controls backwash time according to user preference, giving you peace of mind
  • Effectively remove dirt, sediment, colour, chlorine, taste and odours as well as prevent buildup of limescale, growth of algae and fungi, and remove soluble heavy metals
  • Full display interface for easy viewing of information
  • High quality granular activated carbon


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HydraSmart Series Carbon Filter


Inlet Water Condition Chlorinated City Water
Inlet / Outlet Pipe Size 1” BSP
Operating Pressure 20 – 50 PSI
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Power 6W
Flowrate 2 m3/h
Backwash Cycle 5 m3
System Capacity 35 m3
Inlet Water Temp 2 – 39°C
Dimensions (L X W X H) 280 * 280 * 1250mm
Height from bottom to Filtered Water Outlet

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