EV933652 EVERPURE Parallel 202 Prefilter Kit


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EV933652 EVERPURE Parallel 202 Prefilter Kit

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  • Delivers quality water to high volume fountain dispensers, coffee makers and ice machines where extreme water conditions demand larger capacity filters
  • Ideal for water supplies with excessive dirt loads
  • Special dual gradient prefilter cartridges reduce dirt and other particles at least 10 microns in size
  • Parallel 4″x20″ sumps hold high efficiency cartridges
  • Extends the life of submicron filter system cartridges
  • Built-in water meter determines water demand and usage for all equipment
  • Additional draw down capacity for high volume locations and peak demand times
  • Allows for 12-gallon reserve of filtered water Includes fittings for connections to existing Everpure filtration systems


Overall Dimensions (not including tank): 26.06”H x 30”W x 8.5”D
Inlet connection: 3/4”
Outlet connection: 3/4”
Service Flow Rate: Maximum 10.0 gpm (37.8 Lpm)
Pressure Requirements: 10 – 90 psi (0.7 – 6.2 bar), non-shock
Temperature: 35°F – 100°F (2-38°C)
No electrical connection required
Shipping Weight: Prefilter 32.5 lbs. ; Surge tank 35 lbs.
Operating Weight: Prefilter 41.5 lbs.; Surge tank 133 lbs.

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