EV927091 EVERPURE SPA400 cartridge

The Everpure manufactured PBS-400 water filter cartridge utilizes the latest Fiberdyne technology to provide high flow rates whilst delivering one year* supply of clean, clear healthy water at a fraction of the cost of expensive bottled waters.

* The useful life of a filter cartridge is subject to usage, water quality and pressure.


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EV927091 EVERPURE SPA400 cartridge


The Everpure SPA400 Cartridge reduces the following contaminants:
> Cysts such as Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica and Cryptosporidium parvum
> Asbestos
> Lead

And the following substances:
> Chlorine taste and odor
> Dirt and cloudiness*
> Mold and algae*
> Oxidized iron*
> Oxidized manganese*
> Oxidized sulfides*
> Particles 1/2 micron and larger in size

*As tested by Everpure, LLC


Operating Temperature:  35-100 °F (2-38 °C) cold water use only
Operating Pressure:  10-125 psi. (0.7-8.6 bar), non-shock
Flow Rate: 2.2 gal./min. (8.3 L/min.)
Capacity:  3,000 gal. (11,356 L)

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