EV979902 EVERPURE SS-10 Cartridge

Scalestick 10″ Cartridge SS-10


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EV979902 EVERPURE SS-10 Cartridge


  • Features Hydroblend™ compound, a unique blend that inhibits mineral scale deposits and provides corrosion protection in low flow waterfed equipment*
  • Patented design (patent no. 5,580,448) dispenses a controlled amount of Hydroblend™ for longterm protection and provides greater effectiveness than standard phosphate treatments
  • Unaffected by high temperatures, permitting a wide variety of applications
  • Translucent cartridge allows simple visual monitoring of product usage and ensures against wasteful premature cartridge replacement
  • Integral feed cartridge fits most standard 10 inch housings*
  • SS-10 fits all current SR-X housings and all existing old style AR-X housings*
  • *Not performance tested or certified by NSF


Dimensions: 10.06”H x 1.31” Diameter
Service Flow Rate: 0.1 – 6 gpm*
Maximum Temperature: 150°F*
If inlet feed water temperature is above 125° F a hot water housing must be used.
Capacity: Approximately 6 months. Capacity will vary depending on application and water usage. On flow rates less than 1 gpm, capacities may be reduced

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