Smart Tips to Selecting a Drinking Water System

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1. Know What’s In Your Water.

Don’t assume that your water is unsafe to drink. Water quality can be different from location to location and literally from day to day.

Your EVERPURE® dealer will have familiarity with local water sources and conditions. A simple onsite water test can be conducted. If required, a sample can be taken for lab analysis.

2. Understand What You Need Your

Water To Do.

Search for a product that solves your problem. If you’re seeking to quality drinking water, a point of use [POU] filter may be all that’s needed.

There’s no reason to pay extra for a product that solves problems you don’t have. POU filtration is generally the most cost-effective approach.

3. Understand How The Product Performs.

EVERPURE® has many reference materials to assist you, but simply put, you must understand how product is used and the results it produces.

For example, you need to be concerned with chlorine, off tastes, sediments and scale buildup. You may want to eliminate any unhealthy aspect that may be in your water such as cysts and asbestos. Each piece of water treatment system is susceptible to water causing problems in different ways.

4. Select Products With NSF And/Or WQA Gold Seal Certification.

Once you have narrowed down the water treatment system you need and, in most situations the answer is filtration, narrowing down the choice is the next challenge.

Seek products that carry either NSF certification and/or WQA Gold Seal validation. Most EVERPURE® products carry both.

5. Select Products With The Right NSF Standards And Classes.

For filtration products, the two NSF standards to look for are Standard 42 for aesthetic effects such as taste and appearance with Class I being the best and Standard 53 for health effects such as cyst reduction. Pay attention to these truly independent ratings.

Remember that the cheapest product is not always the best buy. Inexpensive products may not accomplish what you need them for.

6. Select a Manufacturer With The Experience, Products, And Endorsements That You Can Trust…

And Will Be There For You Long Into The Future. In this business, many companies come and many companies go. For over 70 years, EVERPURE® has supported its customers with superior products and leading-edge technologies.

Only one company can be the leader, used by more foodservice establishments, and endorsed by more foodservice equipment manufacturers than any other. And that’s EVERPURE®.

7. Maintain System To Manufacturer’s Specifications.

Water treatment systems cannot just be installed and forgotten. They require periodic maintenance such as filter cartridge replacement. Be careful to maintain system performance, warranty, and NSF certifications by only using EVERPURE® cartridges in EVERPURE® systems.