CD2045 ActivTapp - ACS Commercial Series


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CD2045 ActivTapp - ACS Commercial Series


ACS – ActivTapp Commercial Series

Food service professionals understand the benefits of ozone as an additional cleaning tool, and safe organic solution. Ozone can replace traditional sanitizing agents such as chlorine, and provide other benefits in the washing and storage of food products.

The ActivTapp Commerical Series (ACS) operates with your faucet and sink. It automatically turns on when the water flows infusing ozone into your cold rinse water. Rinsing your food products with ozonated water adds another dimension of safety to your food preparation process.

Ozone is nature’s strongest commercially available disinfectant. It is a safe oxidizing agent that is stronger and reacts more quickly than chlorine, and allows for adequate sanitation with short-term contact to the food. Since the FDA’s approval of ozone as an anti-microbial agent in 2001, ozone sanitation systems have been widely excepted as an effective means to improve food safety and quality.

• Fruit & vegetable rinse systems
• Surface disinfection
• Seafood processing
• Butcher blocks
• Hand wash
• Wash cloth rinse
• Food processing
• Meat processing
• Poultry processing
• Package disinfection
• Process water purification

– Ozone output: 300 mg/hr
– Inlet pressure: 40-100 PSI
– Power: 120v and 240v
– ORP built-in
– Simple installation and access for servicing
– Inlet/outlet manifold constructed of schedule 80 PVC
– Custom designed PCB to control ozone, indicator lamps, LEDs, and track time to service
– Flow switch to sense water flow
– Stainless steel construction built for commercial restaurant environment
– Service light illuminates after predetermined number of hours of operation
– Lamp on front cover for Power on (green), Ozone on (blue), Service Required (red)
– Easy visual monitoring of system’s functionality
– Water by-pass plumbing manifold for quick and easy product swap out
for fast in-kitchen service

• Real-time proof of delivery
• Improves food safety and quality control
• Can extend shelf life
• Organic and sustainable
• Produced on site, nothing to store or transport

ActivTapp ACS-Series Spec Sheet